About Me

Hi, I’m Iheoma.

I love stories.

In fact, I have always loved stories.

As a little girl, I loved to read story books. I’d get a book, and in a couple of hours, I’d finish reading it, return and begin to look for another one. I’d read all my siblings’ school literature before they even opened them.

The thing is, anything that had a story in it was game to me.

And as l grew older, my love for reading increased. I began to read bigger literature and non fiction books.

My family would always complain that whenever I picked up a book to read, I’d get lost to my environment. Anybody who wanted to get my attention had to either scream my name or tap me else, I wouldn’t notice.

Today, I’m a copywriter.

I get lost in my writing too — when those creative juices start flowing.

I believe there’s a connection between my reading and writing behavior:


Yes, flow.

My mom would always say, “even if this house were burning, you wouldn’t budge!”

Good copywriting has a flow that captivates its readers, entrances them and then fixates them like one caught in a wizard’s web.

Quite a bit of fantasy fiction there, but the truth is that flow is an essential element in copywriting – and this includes B2B marketing communications.

The flow in the case of a business buyer appeals to their mind, breaking down, one after the other, the walls of doubt and skepticism they may have about your product or service.

Next thing? They take the action you want from them.

This can only happen when you write the copy with skill, applying the best practices of copywriting and persuasion in today’s world.

I write various B2B marketing communications for manufacturers of medical devices. Kindly go here to pick which copy project you’ll need me to write for you.

If you have enquiries, please go here to contact me.


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