How to Write A Persuasive Call to Action that Gets Results in B2B Marketing

What use is a compass without a needle or a big office building without signs?

In this post you will learn how to write a persuasive call to action that gets results in B2B marketing.

Imagine what it would be like, packing for an adventure. You make sure to pack your beautiful, sophisticated compass, only to get into the woods to discover that your compass has no needle.


Going for a meeting in a 30-storey office building which has no signs showing which companies are located on the various floors.

I don’t know about you, but it will be the end of the adventure for me when I discover that my compass is useless. I will also doubt that I’m in the right building seeing as there are no signs to direct me to the right office for my meeting.

That’s exactly what happens when prospective buyers read your emails, sales letters, ads etc and get interested in your product but have no call to action to tell them the next step to take.

Calls to action are a vital part of every piece of copy promoting a product or service.

They are necessary in getting a prospect to:

  • Order your product
  • Sign-up for your newsletter
  • Download your white paper
  • Agree to meet with your salesperson
  • View your online demo
  • Request a proposal from you
  • Book a free trial of your product

It may surprise you that despite your glowing copy and mind-blowing offer, buyers still need an extra nudge to take the action you want them to take.

You must tell them in strong and specific terms, what you expect them to do.

A persuasive call to action completes your copy

Without a strong call to action, your entire copy, no matter how persuasive, will lose its effectiveness. I’ve seen lots of B2B copy where the writers made the mistake of writing their calls to action in a subtle, weak tone all because B2B copywriting usually takes a soft-sell and informative approach.

It’s no surprise then, when their copy loses its potency just because of a sloppily written call to action. A prospective buyer could be reading your copy, nodding and getting interested in what you’re selling, but when they see those blocks of text saying, “buy now” at the end, they hesitate. They begin to think:

  • Maybe I should put this off for later. There’s no hurry, I’ll come back to it.
  • Is this not too expensive?
  • Are there any reviews on this product?
  • Is this product so great that I should buy it?
  • Do I even have a guarantee on this purchase?

These are ways you could lose sales. Your conversion rate drops, all thanks to your weak call to action.

So how do you write a powerful call to action?

Getting started to writing an effective call to action

It’s not as difficult as you think. We’re going to demystify it in the following paragraphs so read on.

So, writing a good call to action takes two steps:

  1. You tell them what you want them to do. You must tell them what to do and how they should do it.
  1. Remind them why they should take that action. It is not enough to tell them what and how to take action, you must include a benefit that will motivate them to do it. This way, you’ll increase your chances of closing that sale or lead, significantly.

Here are few examples of calls to action that follow these rules. Let’s assume they were used by 5 medical device companies.

  1. Click this link to download our free white paper, “Introduction to an advanced technology for safer, faster, and more effective ENT surgeries.” You will learn the secret on how big hospitals are using advanced imaging to perform more successful ENT surgeries and attract more patients!
  1. Go here to schedule a meeting with our salesperson and we’ll give you 30 more days to test-drive our low vision electronic eyewear! That gives you two full months of benefits at no risk nor extra cost to you.
  1. Book a free consultation now via this link and get a 15% discount on our newly improved renal care product! This discount offer will be valid for two full months!
  1. Order our ground-breaking surgical lighting set now and get 18 full months of free 24/7 support! If you order in the next three days, we’ll give you a free consultation on any of our surgical care products.
  1. Visit our exhibit at our industry trade show coming up next week and get into an automatic draw to become one of the 3 winners of Ventiplus, our newly-released critical care ventilator! Ventiplus, just 5 weeks old in the medical device market, has garnered such raving reviews that have gotten the attention of many foreign healthcare associations and hospitals!

Do you see how much power you could pack into a call to action that could make it irresistible and almost impossible for a buyer to not take action?

You can see in each of the examples that adding benefits to a call to action amplifies its strength.

When you tell, or rather remind a buyer what it is they are going to gain by buying your product or whatever action you want them to take, it acts like a reassurance that they are about to do the right thing.

So there you go: we’ve discussed how to write a persuasive call to action that gets results in B2B marketing. Are there any other effective strategies you’ve used in the past? Share them in the comments.