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Need quality, persuasive and effective copy from a professional copywriter who is focused on your industry?

You need more sales appointments, white paper downloads, product sales, newsletter sign-ups etc.

This is all part of your marketing plan.

I’m here to help you with them.

I create marketing copy that builds your brand, tells your story and speaks to your prospects in a voice that will motivate them to sign-up, call, download or buy.

As an AWAI-trained (American Writers and Artists Incorporated) B2B copywriter who specializes in the medical devices industry, I have the skills that can give your marketing communications the voice it needs to stand out, speak to and persuade your target audience to take action.

Below are my most popular copywriting services:

Email Copywriting

You definitely need email copywriting services if you need to increase your open rates and click rates to drive more leads, sign-ups, sales, or registrations.

One of my specialties as a B2B copywriter includes writing effective emails for medical devices companies. So whether you need email newsletters, lead-generation emails, autoresponders, or any email copywriting project at all, I’m at your service. Contact me here, let’s get stared.

Online Sales Page Copywriting

Want to promote a new medical device, a service, an event, a program or a subscription? A sales page is one of the things you need to make it happen. It should contain all the details about what you’re promoting in a persuasive way, so that your prospects will be moved to buy it or register their interest in it. In simple terms, they’ll take the action you want them to take.

As a B2B copywriter, I have the skills and know the industry best practices that will make your sales page a.k.a. landing page convert your customers into buyers.

Let’s get started on your project. Contact me here.

Case Studies

As long as marketing is concerned, stories will always sell. Your success stories, written with skill and expertise will always get the attention of your prospective buyers. In most cases, it is all a buyer needs to make up their mind to choose your product over other similar products made by other brands.

I am a storyteller as well as an interviewer, researcher, creative conceptor, information packager and editor. These skills when applied, give your case studies the edge they need to compete favorably among other brands and deliver you the sales you need.

So what are you waiting for? Contact me here, let’s put these skills to good use!

White Papers

Make your prospects understand why they specifically need to buy your products by reducing the complex learning curve for them.

It is common knowledge that a lot of B2B products are complex to understand. For this reason, it is necessary that you make it easy for your prospective buyers to understand the underlying technology behind your product that makes it stand out and how it benefits them. This way, they can make an informed decision in buying your medical device.

This is what a white paper does for you. As a copywriter, I can create these essential edu-marketing pieces for your marketing drives.

I don’t just write whitepapers; I properly research on your topic and then organize its content in an effective editorial style.

So, have a whitepaper to write? Contact me here, let’s get started.

Have a different copy project?

I also write many different marketing communication materials for companies in the medical device industry. These include sell sheets, brochures, press releases, articles, and more. So if you have a different copy project, let us discuss it. Reach me here, or fill in the form below.